ANSWER: Public Relations Student Society of America is a pre-professional student organization that was founded by the Public Relations Society of America to allow students to build lasting relationships and gain experience in the communication field.

QUESTION: What is Public Relations?

ANSWER: Public Relations helps an organization and its publics mutually adapt to each other through research, planning, dialogue and evaluation.

QUESTION: Do I have to be a Public Relations major to be a part of PRSSA?

ANSWER: Nope! All majors are welcome.

QUESTION: How can I contact your organization?

ANSWER: You may contact us at prssa@usc.edu. For more PR tips and news, follow us on Twitter @USCPRSSA or "like" our PRSSA USC page on Facebook.

QUESTION: How much does PRSSA cost and what is it used for?

ANSWER: PRSSA costs $80 for two semesters. The large majority of your PRSSA dues ($50, in fact) go to the national organization, not our chapter. Therefore, we encourage you to make the most of your national membership by attending PRSA-LA events around the L.A. area. Your dues cover the expenses in planning events -- this includes gifts for panelists, refreshments and food.

QUESTION: I really want to be a part of PRSSA but my financial aid doesn't cover the dues! What can I do?

ANSWER: Please contact us and we can work with you directly. We don't turn anyone away!

QUESTION: What areas of Public Relations does PRSSA cover?

ANSWER: We have speaker panels and workshops every month (sometimes twice a month) and we cover as many industries as possible. Every school year we try to have separate events for social media, entertainment, politics, sports, fashion, consumer, technology and our sought after agency panel - where we invite HR recruiters and full-time employees from PR's leading firms to networking with our students. We also had social media, media training, and résumé building workshops.

QUESTION: I'm ready to be a member of PRSSA. How do I apply?

ANSWER: Awesome! Print the USC PRSSA Application form and turn it in at Annenberg Student Services.

Have any other questions? Please feel free to contact us any time!